About IJCB 2022

The 2022 International Joint Conference on Biometrics (IJCB 2022), supported by the IEEE Biometrics Council and the IAPR TC-4, combines two major biometrics conferences, IEEE Biometrics Theory, Applications, and Systems (BTAS) Conference and the International Conference on Biometrics (ICB).

This will be the first biometrics conference to be held in the Middle East (Abu Dhabi, UAE).

Call for Contributions

IJCB 2022 is intended to have a broad scope, including advances in fundamental pattern recognition techniques relevant to biometrics, new algorithms and/or technologies for biometrics, analysis of specific applications, and analysis of the social impacts of biometrics technology. Areas of coverage include but are not limited to biometrics based on,

  • Face, Iris, Fingerprint, Palmprint
  • Periocular, Ear, Vein, Speech
  • Gait and Gesture
  • Multi-Modal and Multi-Spectral Biometrics
  • Mobile-based Biometrics
  • Template Protection and Cryptosystems
  • Privacy, Demographic Bias, Fairness
  • Template Design, Selection and Update
  • Datasets, Evaluation, Benchmarking
  • Performance Modelling and Prediction
  • Large scale ID Management
  • Anti-spoofing, Presentation Attack Detection
  • Biometric DeepFakes, Digital Data Forensics
  • Law Enforcement and Forensic Applications
  • Biometrics in Healthcare, Banking, IoT
  • Ethical, Social and Legal Issues

Paper Submission

Submitted papers may not be accepted or under review else-where. Submissions may be up to eight pages in conference format (double blind reviewing). Please visit conference web page http://www.ijcb2022.org