Biometrics is an important area of interest to the Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision research communities. This is clearly evident by the large number of conferences and events that are being organized and sponsored by IAPR and/or by its Technical Committee 4 on Biometrics (TC4). Furthermore, there has been a rapid growth in the number of organizations worldwide that are deploying biometric technologies in diverse application scenarios. For this reason, IAPR TC4 has been very active in promoting biometrics at various scientific, technological, educational and policy events.

The 2012 edition of the TC4 flagship event, International Conference on Biometrics (ICB), held in New Delhi, India, facilitated the establishment of the IAPR Senior Biometrics Investigator Award (SBIA). The objectives and criteria of this award are similar to the prestigious IAPR KS Fu award, except that it will be given to outstanding scientists in the biometrics field. The Award will be presented once every two years. The first edition of this award was presented at the 2014 International Joint Conference on Biometrics (IJCB) in Clearwater Beach, Florida, USA.

IAPR Senior Biometrics Investigator Award (SBIA). The recipient of the award will be selected from a pool of nominees, subject to the approval by the President of IAPR. The Prize Committee will be appointed by the TC4, and will consist of at least three active members of TC4. One of the committee members will be the most recent recipient of the award.

IAPR Senior Biometrics Investigator Award (SBIA)

IAPR Young Biometrics Investigator Award (YBIA)