The IAPR Technical Committee on Biometrics (TC-4) is pleased to invite proposals for hosting the 14th IAPR/IEEE International Conference on Biometrics (ICB 2021). IAPR TC-4 will evaluate all proposals. Since ICB was held in Europe/Africa in 2019 and will be held in North/South America in 2020, TC-4 prefers ICB 2021 to be in Asia/Australia. ICB was established in 2006 as a biennial conference by merging AVBPA (Audio- and Video-based Person Authentication), ICBA (International Conference on Biometric Authentication) and other biometric workshops, and has established itself as a premier international conference in biometrics. Prior venues for this conference include:

  • ICB 2006: Hong Kong, China
  • ICB 2007: Seoul, Korea
  • ICB 2009: Alghero, Italy
  • IJCB 2011: Washington, DC, USA (in conjunction with BTAS)
  • ICB 2012: New Delhi, India
  • ICB 2013: Madrid, Spain
  • IJCB 2014: Clearwater Beach, USA (in conjunction with BTAS)
  • ICB 2015: Phuket, Thailand
  • ICB 2016: Halmstad, Sweden
  • IJCB 2017: Denver, Colorado, USA (in conjunction with BTAS)
  • ICB 2018: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
  • ICB 2019: Crete, Greece
  • IJCB 2020: Houston, USA (in conjunction with BTAS)

Letters of Intent are due by Dec. 30, 2019. The letter of intent should briefly discuss the team (general chairs, program chairs, finance chair), venue, and dates.

Full Proposals are due by Jan. 31, 2020. Each proposal should include information on (but not limited to):

  • the host organization;
  • conference venue and dates (verify possible clashes with other major conferences in closely related fields);
  • accommodation options;
  • organizing committee and role of individual committee members; 
  • timetable with critical milestones;
  • advertisement plan;
  • budget estimates including clear indication of registration options and pricing;
  • endorsement & financial support.

Further guidelines on IAPR conference organization can be found in

Letters of intent and Full Proposals should be sent via e-mail to: Dr. Zhenan Sun, Chair, IAPR TC-4, Email:, Dr. Julian Fierrez, Vice-Chair, IAPR TC-4, Email:, and, Dr. Arun Ross, Advisor, IAPR TC-4, Email: